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    Of course, we can help you with about any brand on the market. Here are the brands we can service for you:

    • Acer
    • Android
    • Android Wearable
    • Apple
    • Apple Watch
    • Asus
    • Compaq
    • Dell
    • Fujitsu
    • Galaxy
    • Galaxy Note
    • Galaxy Tab
    • Gateway
    • HP
    • IBM
    • iPad
    • iPhone
    • Lenovo
    • MAC
    • Microsoft
    • Nexus
    • Panasonic
    • Samsung
    • Sony
    • Sun
    • Surface
    • Surface Book
    • Surface Hub
    • Surface Phone
    • Surface Studio
    • Toshiba
    • Winbook
    • Windows
    • and others

    Repair service calls sometimes require additional services to solve the issue including:

    How we can help:

    Sarasota computer repair services with Geeks Quickly are fast and affordable. We know nothing can be more frustrating than having a computer go down. It can seem like they know to crash at the worst possible time. Not to worry, we are here to help, and we can do it better by coming to you at your home or office.

    The team at Geeks Quickly delivers the best in technical computer services to local area residents and businesses alike. We are the experts you can trust to get your laptop up and running fast. We are not just geeks, but geeks that work quickly! You could say quick is our middle name,  but that is not true. That is unless our name is actually geeks quick-lee. 

    Call us what you will, just please call us. We are ready to help with the knowledge, skills, and drive to fix any computing issue you encounter. Our affordable computer repair services are available in all areas surrounding Sarasota, Florida  and throughout the Manatee County area. This includes the Sarasota Bradenton area of course.

    Our team can provide you:

    • Emergency same-day Laptop repair service
    • Emergency same-day PC repair service
    • Remote Support
    • Hardware Repair
    • Software Updates and Upgrades
    • Fast and Affordable Malware removal
    • Service call appointments 9AM-9PM 7 Days a Week
    • Convenient at home or in-office service

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    What we help with:

    Are you ready to take a hammer to that desktop PC or laptop that crashes no matter what you do? Stop stressing out  – please call us and we will make your computer problems go away.

    No matter what the issue, our friendly computer techs provide the highest quality mobile, onsite, online, remote, in-home and in-office computer repair.

    Whether you need assistance with your personal desktop, notebook, or laptop at home; or with the network and servers at your office we are prepared to do the job. We fix desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and more of all makes and models. 

    It is common for us to perform more than one type of service when repairing a computer or laptop. This includes performance optimization and software updates and upgrades.  
    Setting up Wi-Fi services at your home or office is complicated these days. All your devices, computers, laptops, and printers will work together seamlessly. At least that is what is supposed to happen.

    Configuring all your smart devices to work together is best left to the tech experts. If you are tech-savvy go for it. On the other hand, if tech is not your forte call us. Guessing how to setup your smart devices can do more harm than good. In fact, trying to configuring devices that were initially setup wrong is a nightmare. Undoing the damage can take a while even for a professional. That can get expensive for you.

    But, not to worry. We can set-up a new configuration for you or help you with your current one no matter how badly you screwed it up. Let Geeks Quickly show you how to get the most speed out of your internet service.

    New Device Setup is a service you may need along with a repair or as a stand alone request. We set your new devices this includes any Apple product, PC, tablet, mobile or smart device.

    On top of that, we offer Tech Device Training to help you understand how to use your technology and we will teach you all the insider techie tips and tricks, too. 

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    We can fix the computer issues that are making your life a living hell. If you are experiencing any of these annoying issues please call the Sarasota Computer Repair Pros at Geeks Quickly.

    • Requiring re-booting again and again
    • Crashing without warning
    • Causing you to lose valuable work
    • Constantly popping up error messages
    • Getting hung up loading applications 
    • Unable to connect to the Internet
    • Unable to stay online
    • Asking for confusing updates
    • Running of  memory
    • Unable to send or receive email
    • Not working as well as it once did
    • Jam packed with programs you do not use
    • Giving the dreaded Blue screen of death
    • Infected with a virus 
    • Behaving in any unusual or odd manner  

    Call Today 941-212-3967

    Get $10 off Your First Service Call Use Promo Code: Web

    Frequently asked questions:

    Yes, We provide free estimates over the phone

    It might not always be possible to thoroughly diagnose your issue until we are in front of the computer. However, should that be the case, we will never start work without consulting you first and providing a revised estimate should we encounter the unexpected.

    No, all work is performed in your home or office. If we need any additional parts or material, we will order them and bring to you to continue the work.

    Yes, all PC Repair services are 100% Guaranteed for 30 days. Should the issues we came to solve re-appears anytime during that period we will return to fix the problem at no additional services costs

    Your Computer Repair technicians are available for appointments as late as 9 PM every day.

    Yes, we work on both PCs and Apple products. We will be happy to support your Mac.

    This is an optional service we offer our clients. Please note it may not always be possible to back up a PC before starting work as it depends on the situation. However, if it can be, we will always offer to do so before we begin.

    All of our Computer repair technicians have at least a CompTIA A+ certification. Most usually have many more, including the Network+, Security+, and vendor certifications from companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Vmware, and more. To learn more about the A+ certification, visit the following page: https://www.comptia.org/certifications/a

    We fix Laptop and Desktop computers.

    We replace damaged screens on laptops, tablets, and cellphones on a case by case basis. You need to consider how the cost of a new screen and replacement parts verses the cost of a new device altogether. Also, screen damage indicates the device suffered a serious impact. An impact is never good for a tablet, phone, or laptop and the screen may not be all that is damaged. We are happy to discuss your options if you find you have a damaged screen.

    That is all we do. We come to you.

    We provide on-site repair services to all of Manatee County and Sarasota County including these cities: Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, Bradenton Beach and Lakewood Ranch.

    Computers are extraordinarily complex. Unless you are a computer expert, no one expects you to know exactly what is going on with your computer or laptop. You may know something is not right. You may be able to document exactly what occurred, but there are times when you need professional help. that is when you want to call Geeks Quickly to assist you.

    We troubleshoot customer computer problems with ease. Our professional diagnostic tools can quickly scan a PC hard drive usually revealing driver issues that when fixed increase performance significantly.

    If your machine had a through scan and cleaning more than six months ago, it is due for service now. Waiting longer than six months allows your system performance to suffer. It is the preventative care our complex devices need to live long and prosper.

    When performance suffers what happens? Everything slows down. If you have blazing fast internet speeds and a slow system, we can troubleshoot the situation. We will find out what is slowing down your system and repair it for you. In these cases, our clients see an immediate increase in speed! High-speed internet service is wonderful when your device is performing optimally.

    Yes, we can. When you have more than one device, we will set up a network for you at home or on a larger scale at your office. A network allows your devices to share files, a printer, and an Internet connection.

    Geeks Quickly serves all of Sarasota Bradenton with on-site affordable  Computer Repair Services for home and office including: 

    • Hard Drive Repair
    • Fan Replacement
    • Keyboard Repair
    • Hardware Replacement
    • Damaged Screen Replacement
    • Motherboard Repair
    • Laptop Screen Replacement
    • Malware Removal
    • Virus Protection
    • Data Recovery
    • Diagnostics
    • And more!

    The Geeks Quickly Difference

    100% Guaranteed icon

    All Sarasota laptop repair and computer repair work is 100% Guaranteed for 30 Days.

    drug screened icon

    All our Technicians are criminally background checked and drug screened.

    experience and certifications icon

    Our computer repair experts have experience and certifications.

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    DIY Computer Repair and Maintenance Tips from local Repair Experts, Geeks Quickly

    DIY Virus and Malware Removal

    We checked PCMag for The Best Free Antivirus Protection for 2020. According to Neil J. Rubenking Windows Defender is improving, but you still shouldn't rely on Windows 10's security tools as your sole means of protection. Many free third-party security apps are more effective at keeping you safe. We've tested 17 no-cost services to help you find the best free antivirus for protecting your PC.” 

    We love the top 3 PCMag picks. Ruybenking sums them up like this,

    Avast Free Antivirus combines an antivirus engine that scores very well in testing with a surprisingly extensive collection of bonus features. 

    Kaspersky Security Cloud Free offers full-scale malware protection and even some suite-level features. It gets superb scores from the independent labs, and it won't cost you a penny. 

    AVG AntiVirus Free offers precisely the same antivirus protection engine as Avast Free Antivirus, but lacks the impressive collection of bonus features that you get with Avast.”

    DIY Computer Maintenance and Performance Optimization

    We found The Best Free PC Optimization Software 2020: Clean and Speed Up Your PC at TechRadar.com. Here Cat Ellis gives us a comprehensive list of the best free software for tuning up your PC.

    Here are the winners. Expect to notice a speed boost without the intrusive ads that come with many “free “performance optimization tools.

    Do You Have a Super Slow Computer?

    Learn How to Fix a Slow Computer DIY with These 16 Pro Tips from Our Experts.

    Click the links to find out more.

    #1: Get a New PC
    #2: Add RAM 
    #3: Check Startup Programs
    #4: Remove Bloatware    
    #5: Defrag the Hard Drive
    #6: Delete Old Downloads
    #7: Trash Trash & Temp Files
    #8: Restart
    #9: Switch to Solid-State
    #10: Add Storage Space
    #11: Catch Dust Bunnies
    #12: Remove Viruses
    #13: Windows Updates
    #14: Cache Out Cookies
    #15: Use Cloud Storage
    #16: Reinstall Windows OS

    Sarasota Computer Repair

    Do not waste hours of your time on the phone with tech support. Get fast Sarasota computer repair services delivered today!

    The fast and friendly computer repair technicians at Geeks Quickly are ready to come to your aid at a time that works for you seven days a week. With us, you can save your time and energy, not to mention hours of frustration with computer issues. Best of all, we allow you to avoid those painful calls to tech support.

    We also help you avoid lugging your computer all over town to a big box store or a cord-laden repair shop. Lugging your equipment around is bad enough, but the worst is handing over your laptop to a sweaty repair shop clerk that disappears into the back. Not to mention you usually wait a week to get it back!

    More About Our Worry-Free Process:

    • We come to your home or office.
    • All our technology support and computer services are completed on-site inside your home or business.
    • The best part is your equipment never leaves your sight. 
    • We complete all of our work right in front of you. 
    • Never worry about where your data is going or who is looking at it. 
    • Your personal information and private data is always safe and secure.
    • Never drop off your precious desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone off at a big box repair shop again. 
    • We fix most problems in about an hour. 
    • You will know the how much services will cost before we begin work.
    • All work is guaranteed for 30 days.
    • Forget the Geeks Squad. Geeks Quickly does is better!

    We proudly service all of Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, and Northport including Florida communities in the greater metro area. We will get your system up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

    When you need help with a slow laptop and want fast friendly affordable Sarasota geeks quickly to the rescue call us at 1-941-212-3967.

    Call Today 941-212-3967

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